Friday, January 10, 2014

Almost Ready for the Road

I plan on getting out of the garage and back onto the road by the end of next week. It's been 19 days since my left hip replacement surgery and nearly four months since having my right hip replaced. I don't have any more hips to replace so it only gets better from here.

Riding the 700 in the garage is sooo much fun. The 700 is hooked up to a CycloOps and sits on top of a few bricks (high tech stuff). Raising the 700 off the ground makes it easier to get into the seat.

This is as far as I can rotate the Everyday a little more. Moving the crank back and forth along with a few choice words not worthy of repeating here makes for a good stretch of the new hip. And hurts so good.


  1. Great news, Mark! May the Bionic Man keep on trikin'.

  2. Hope your recovery is coming along, I'm sure you will soon be out and about! Sending prayers on the wind.