Monday, January 20, 2014

Doing Laps

My left hip was replaced exactly four weeks from today. Time for my first ride on the road...well I should say on the pavement. I took advantage of the holiday to take some laps in the school parking lot. I went around and around for 3.2 miles. I've lost a lot of strength in my legs. On the positive side, both hips are now replaced and I only get stronger from here. I've been told to expect eight to twelve months for total recovery. This new year will be dedicated to settling in the new hips and building up my strength. Oh the sweet pain of recovery. Ride on!!

MLK Day and the school parking lot is all mine.

Feels good to be moving on my 700.

Carrie waits for me to do a few more laps around the lot and then give me a ride back home. It's to soon to attempt the grind up our hill.

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