Monday, April 14, 2014

Why Do You Ride That Thing?

Over time I've developed a generic answer to the often asked question "Why do you ride that thing?".

I have a short version of my answer (while riding my 700) to those who like to ask questions while stopped at a red light. Before the light the changes my answer is:

It's fun, fast and safe. And it's easy on my sixty old bones.

If given time to elaborate while taking a break it's the same answer:

It's fun, fast and safe. And it's easy on my sixty year old bones.

Followed by:

Can you deny it looks like fun? 

And contrary to what you may think it is fast. It paces differently then a traditional bicycle but overall I keep up with (usually pass) anyone of the same fitness level as myself. The only way I could be a little faster is laid back on two wheels. 

Yes it is safe and drivers do see me. I look unusual and get more respect while then a traditional bicycle while on the road. Also on three wheels there is no wobble factor while keeping balance especially at slow speeds. Example; do you notice what usually happens when an average cyclist on two wheels turns his or her head to look at something? The bike follows the direction the head is turned. Finally, at high speeds a good trike is rock solid. I personally would not be comfortable on a bike at some of the speeds I reach on a trike.

As for the old bones, riding a traditional bike is very uncomfortable. Would you deny me the joy of cycling because I'm different (maybe smarter) and I'm not willing to put up with riding a traditional bike with a seat stuck up my .... just to fit in? 

Here take my card and checkout for yourself what recumbent cycling is all about. Check the link on my blog about the "The history of recumbent cycling"  to get a better perspective of recumbent cycling.

Yep, and that's the long answer more or less. Of course when I'm riding the Expedition and towing Betzi I have to explain what I mean "fast" and show a picture of my 700.

Regardless of what we choose to ride we're all cyclists. Our choice of what to ride should not be limited by the expectations of others. I ride my Catrikes because they're right for the way I like to ride. Catrikes are solid trikes that I have 100% confidence in whether I'm cruising around town or flying down a hill at 50 plus miles per hour. Additionally Catrike's customer service is second to none. Catrikes are fun, fast, safe. and very comfortable!

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