Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Titanium Hips Post Op

I went to the doctor today for a post op visit. Everything is good. It's been six months since my right hip replacement and three since the left one was replaced. Now I need to spend the next few months working out the stiffness (and soreness especially after a ride) caused by scar tissue. I'm told that scar tissue is a good thing. Muscle and tendon are soft and stretch while scar tissue is tough and holds things in place well.

The soreness (nothing that a little Ibuprofen can't help)  after a ride is diminishing. As long as I avoid steep climbs on my 700 (not geared for steep climbs) I can end a ride with minimal soreness. Soon I'll start taking the Expedition out more with it's 16 gear inch low end and ride some of the hills around home

 Photos from today's visit to the doctors office. 


  1. Mark, I'm like you with 2 artificial hips - I'm about 9 months post-op & feeling terrific. However I've learned I have to stretch each morning, if not sometimes in the evening to get the twinges out of the latest hip.Furthermore, around the incision area, I take a rolling pin up & down over it to get the fascia moving....good luck.

    1. Good to hear you're doing well. I like the rolling pin idea. The area around the incision is stiff and sometimes sore. I'll borrow my son's roller that he uses after a track workout.