Friday, August 8, 2014

Big Head..Big Helmet

Update 12/14. I went back to using the Lazer Helium. The Bell adjustment system broke and it wasn't comfortable on long rides.
I bought a new helmet less the pointy projection on the rear that doesn't always work well on a recumbent trike. There are a number of good helmets that spare the rider the point at the back. The challenge is to find a helmet without the point and big enough for an over sized brain. My head size (with buzzed hair) is a sizable 23 and  3/4" (60.3cm). Most large size helmets can be made to work for me but are snug and kinda sit on top of my head. Add a cycling hat or bandanna underneath the helmet and an extra large bucket is the only option. The recumbent friendly XL helmet that works for me is the newer Bell XLP. It's about $40 so you get a lot of helmet at a fair cost. For more information Helmets.Org has a good summary of helmets that fit us head challenged.

 Top: My new Bell XLP. Bottom: My old Lazer Helium. 
The point at the back of a typical road helmet doesn't always work well on a recumbent trike. On my Catrike 700 "Red" the point on the back of the Lazer helmet would hit the front of the rear rack. On "Black" it would rub on the rear tire if I lean my head to stretch my neck.

I had to make a minor adjustment to the headrest. The Bell XLP has a lower rear retention strap then my old Lazer Helium helmet so the headrest had to be lowered a bit.

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