Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Rebuilt Crank for Black

I recently rebuilt the crank on Red and now it's time to tweak out the crank on Black. The last time I fiddled around with the crankset on Black was back in August when I tried a 26t granny ring. But now I really want more speed so I'm now using a 53t large chainring. The best I can do on the hills around here is 50mph. I'm hoping I can get a couple of more mphs on the hills by being able to pedal a little longer. Once you get the bug to go fast there's no turning back. The 700 is a stable machine and invites you to go fast.
The new crank is now 53/39/28 with a 32/11 ten speed cassette. I can't go any smaller on the granny gear (28t chainring) without loosing tension on the chain. The long cage on the rear derailleur does have it's limits. You can go smaller on the granny gear but then you have to be careful not to go small/small with the gears while riding. Unless you don't mind a loose return chain and extra chain clatter. 

Bottom Bracket - Mega Exo BB-8681 (68mm  English)
Crank and spider - FSA SL-X Carbon
53t Chainring - FSA Super Road Bike K Force, 130mmBCD outer (ramped and pinned), 10 speed
39t Chainring - FSA Road Pro, 130mmBCD middle (ramped and pinned), 10 speed
28t Chainring - Vuelta, 74mmBCD, 10 speed

On Order
Light Weight Outer Chain Guard - Teamssx Driveline Lightest for a 53t, 130mmBCD, 98g (3.4 oz)
I'm putting the chain guard on so I won't poke folks with my chainring (including myself). I usually put my helmet over the chainrings when parked at a bike shop or some other place where there's people gathered.


  1. Wow, 50 just isn't enough juice for you, huh? Speed is a drug, but I'm okay staying under 50 these days. I occasionally brake 40, but only by one or two notches. My/our record was a no-holds-bared descent down into Truckee once on a tour. This was pre-Django. We broke 60 mph, but on a GTT, it didn't seem that extreme. I've only been over 50 a couple of times on two wheelers--scary!