Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Look Back at 2014

Taking it easy after having both of my hips replaced and Doing Laps around the elementary school parking lot. 

Carrie, Byron and I went down to the Lake for a short Trike, Bike and Walk

10 Weeks  since since my second hip replacement. Enjoying the 700.

Finally...A Ride With Betzi after two hip replacements. It was a short ride with all that weight but it was still nice to get out with ma doggie.

Steve's Fully Loaded 700  gave me the inspiration to sell my Catrike Expedition and buy another Catrike 700 and set it up for touring. 
Visit Steve's Trike Asylum's 700 page here

My Catrike Expedition Up Sale to make way for another 700 to be set up for touring and cruising.


My Boy Has Fledged the Nest. Byron standing with my big boys as he prepares to move into his own apartment in Santa Monica to study film. He is only 18 and already has an internship (soon a paid internship) in the casting, editing and co-producering of MTV's "True Life". Here's his blog (that he doesn't keep current) ENTERTAINANIDEA.

Checking out the new La Conchita Bike Trail that bypasses a nasty three mile section of freeway section on HWY 101.


Riding with Scott Wayland. A group of bents met up at Bent Up Cycles to ride with Scott and followed by a book reading from his latest adventure book "Cracking the Spine". Also a slide show and personal stories.

November event ride, the Solvang Prelude, that I didn't have to bail out on because of lousy hips. The new hips are working fine. 

Ending the year on a bright note. Christmas Day Ride.

Happy New Year!!!!!!

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