Sunday, February 15, 2015

Tour de Palm Springs Post Ride

Shake, rattle and role describes my ride at the Tour de Palm Springs this weekend.

My morning started off spotting David Mimms at the Bike MS Coastal Challenge booth. Soon Kyle Bryant roles up with his crew. At his Ride Ataxia FARA booth was information about the various rides around the country including the NorCal at Davis, California May 30th.

The sun fried roads of the desert backcountry made for a rough ride on my skinny Ultremo tires. I was shook and I was rattled but I kept on rolling. All the good downhill runs were well worn but I still had the cheap thrill of passing rider after after. Old guys still need a thrill now and then. On the climbs I pretty stayed with the pack and passed a few unsuspecting riders.

Passing other riders wasn't always easy. This is the largest single day event ride in the country and thousands of riders were on the road. On the faster runs many times I had to pass other riders in the oncoming lane to create a safe passing space between me and the other riders. Also with so many riders on the road from start to finish I couldn't truly enjoy the desert landscape. I had to be more aware of other riders and less aware of the beauty of the desert.

The desert is a little cooler this time of year but this weekend reached 90 degrees. The 9am start time for the 50 mile ride meant that the riders were going to feel some heat. I was comfortable and just kept riding along but many riders took advantage of any shade they could find to take a break.

All in all a good weekend with good folk and of course my best bud and wife Carrie.

David, me and Kyle

Pulling up to the 50 mile start. Many more riders coming up from behind.

Hand cyclists ahead.

David Mimms closing in.

Some open road early in the ride.

First SAG.

A moment to enjoy the desert.

Finishers welcomed by the local  high school band.

David Mimms handling the Ride MS booth. Later Shelley and Brian (a hand cyclist) take over so David can ride the Tour de Palm Springs. 

Having dinner with Carrie watching the Tour de Palm Springs festival.

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  1. Looks great, Mark. Sooo hot--90? Yikes. I'm off for a little ride today. Been doing a lot of rock climbing lately, but I've got a Vision Quest tour in June, so I've got to put in some miles.

    Ride on.