Sunday, March 22, 2015

24 Hour Record and the UCI

24 hour distance record

There are cycling records sanctioned by the UCI (International Cycling Union)... 556 miles by Christoph Strasser on a traditional diamond frame road bike approved by the UCI, March 2015

Then there are Human Powered Vehicle records...757 miles by Christian von Aschenbeg, in a Milan Velomobile, August 2010.  (Christian von Aschenberg passed away suddenly during a ride in March 2013)

Without taking away a major achievement by Christoph Strasser the question needs to be asked, isn't it time for the UCI to let technology have a hand in determining how far and how fast humans can self propel themselves? It's time for the UCI too stop protecting the bicycle industry and let athletes up their game. The UCI has limited advancements in cycling by sticking to rules it developed in the 1930's as to what defines a "real" bicycle.

Don't set limits on what human power can achieve.

A little cycling history here.

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