Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Blowing Off Steam

With 5 kids ranging in age from 36 years down to 16 years and 8 grandkids life can get a little crazy. Right now to ease all the craziness I need a anti-depressant and anti-anxiety drug topped with a cocktail of adeline, endorphins and a shot of endocanabanoids (the latest compound associated with a runners high or rather a trikers high). 

THE PRESCRIPTION...a fast ride on my 700 to blow off a little steam and to sort out the craziness. I was blessed with a perfect day to put life back into a positive perspective.

The day was cool, crisp and sunny with gentle clouds speaking of better days to come. 

Taking a break from the road. A short paved trail through the hills.  
Feeling relaxed after a 700 fix. 

Things are looking brighter.


  1. Nice! Hey, Mark: I'm working on rounding up a few trikers for a three night tour through Death Valley after Jan. 1. Interested?


    1. Intriguing idea. Let me let the idea rattle around in my head for a short while. Maybe my old broken down bones could still handle sleeping on the ground. I have the equipment but I would have to upgrade to a cushier air mattress. I'll let you know. Thanks

  2. Should be a good outing. Right now the group seems to be me and Jodi, Keith from Carson City, and a guy named Kurt from Oregon. We'll see who shows up! We all need to be a little flexible with dates because of weather. I figure one night in Shoshone and three on the actual tour.