Monday, December 28, 2015

Schwalbes from France

I've been getting by tires from XXCycle in France. The cost of a full set of rubber (three tires) is 127 EUR which comes out to $140 including shipping. Delivery time for this order was only 4 days (usually can take up to two weeks).

Schwalbe One HS 28/622 and two Schwalbe One HS 23/406

I would prefer that my $s stay in the USA but I can't find the same tires for less then $200 in here in the states.


  1. So I just placed a good sized order with them to cover my tire needs for the next year ( I Hope ), Sadly I wanted 4 of the 20" One tires and they only had three. But I got rear tires and tubes and I also got some Mango Duranos for my CT Road because they were less then half the price then the Duranos here. The Mango will make my Bright orange CT Road even more road visible.

    1. Great! It's too bad we have to order from half way around the world. I prefer to keep my purchases local but the savings is too much to turn away.