Monday, October 31, 2016

New ICE Sprint 26 FS Pictures

ICE's new gunmetal grey color and redesigned logo is a work of art. ICE has really stepped up their came. I took a bunch of pictures while she is still clean and free of my add ons, like mirrors, lights, bottle cages under the seat and a FastBack SeatBack bag behind the carbon fiber seat. Although I already did add a carbon fiber bottle cage on the boom. 

I'll have more to say after I take a few rides. My goal is to have the fasted suspended trike possible. 

The two bars coming off the handlebars are the mirror mounts.

Shimano 6800 Ultegra pedals on a FSA triple 52/26 carbon fiber crank. I like the Shimano pedals because they can be adjusted to have minimal play to no play with cleat selection. The release tension can also be easily adjusted on the pedal. 

Rear suspension elastomers. Cool new colors. No more bright yellow and other neon colors to take away from the look of this beautiful trike. 

Front suspension.

Rock solid but very light rack for those times when I want to carry a little bit more. Attaches easily to the frame with only two bolts.


  1. Interesting photos.. beauty of a trike... I have a 20" rear version of your trike.. was wondering it you had to guess, how much would it cost to swap out my rear 20 for a 26?

    1. Hey Chas, This is my first time with another trike besides a Catrike. I can't answer that question for you. But I venture to say that it probably can't be done without spending more then a few dollars if it can be done at all. The rear fork and frame of the 26" version is designed to accommodate greater forces from the larger 26" wheel. Thus two elastomers for the rear suspension on the 26" Sprint versus one elastomer on the 20" Sprint.