Monday, January 30, 2017

Sometimes I Need to Unplug

There are times when you just need to unplug. 

I prefer to avoid political discourse on my blog but these are exceptional times and I want to make a point and then move on and take a ride.

It's no secret that my values are progressive and the current state of affairs have made it harder for me to ignore reality and enjoy a ride. Events, that are rapidly unfolding and have serious consequences, are making it increasingly necessary for me to stay in touch with current events as they unfold. I feel Carrie and I can weather any political storm but I have five children and nine grandchildren whose future I don't want dictated by tyrants. I am committed to knowing the facts, not the "alternative facts",  I feel that now it's more important then ever before to be prepared to talk to my children and their children.

I will not let up on calling out those who quote false facts and equivalents. Also I am not letting up on letting my elected officials know how I feel and to encourage others to get involved in American democracy regardless of political affiliation.

What I will do is find the time to unplug and take a ride. With renewed energy I can more easily stay involved.

Ride on but stay involved

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