Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Good Customer Service from ICE

First ride with mesh seat. So far it's good.
I had a couple questions about the Sprint 26fs since I brought it back home. Both questions were answered by ICE within 24hours. That's what I call Good Customer Service.

I'm passing on what I learned from ICE. See below.

My Question September 4th.
On my new Sprint 26fs the dealer ordered a ergo mesh seat to replace the carbon fiber seat. Is the Ergo mesh Sprite RED56 the right seat? It can be adjusted to only one position. The forward two slots on the seat will not reach the quick release skewer. The third slot from the front barely reaches the quick release and is visually horizontal. I can only use the fourth slot and it is close to horizontal. The quick release skewer is in forward hole. No add on seat brackets are being used. Dealer is Bent Up Cycles. Your document # is 16199. Seat was shipped to Mark Rackow.

ICE'S Response September 5th.
Hi Mark,

Firstly it is the right seat if you are wanting to permanently change from your medium carbon seat to a mesh seat. 

  When we fit a hardshell seat to the sprint X like yours we extend the trike out to make it longer I.e. we pull out the back end. This is so the trike has a more reclined more streamline seating position and look. When we fit a mesh seat these are not as long in the frame as the hardshell so the back end does not come out as far which makes the trike a little shorter and the seating position a little more upright ( still quite reclined just not as laid back as the hardshell seat )

  In fitting the new mesh seat there are a few things that you will have to change on the trike to make it fit.
·         Bring the backend in further toward the cruciform( It will currently be set at a length of 495mm from the front quick release hole to the  back of the seat cup on the cruciform. You will need to shorten that down to 455mm measuring the same way for the mesh seat to fit correctly and work in all its positions)
·         Move the quick release forward to the front hole of the two
·         If the trike was mine I would shorten my outer parking brake cable and reset the parking brake
·         Again I would also shorten the rear gear cable outer and reset the rear gears

I know that that is quite a list of things that need to be done but this is how we set up the Sprint X for the two types of seat.

If you need any more helps with this or have any more questions please feel free to get back to me.

I hope all this helps




My Question August 27th.
I have a new Sprint X 26 fs. Are the top of the front wheels suppose to lean in slightly on both sides when the wheels are facing straight? The toe in is adjusted properly.

ICE's Response August 28th.
Hi Mark,

There is supposed to be a tiny bit, maybe one-three degrees, of inward lean on the front wheels. They are designed to be close to vertical but if we make them exactly vertical there ends up being a bit of an optical illusion where they look like they lean outwards which looks wrong. 



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