Saturday, June 8, 2019

Climbing with the E8000

So far this year my average gain per mile is 72 feet. I can't avoid climbing unless I load up my trike into my car and head out of town to take a ride somewhere that does't involve so much climbing. A local 20 mile ride means about a 1,400 foot gain and so on. As I've mentioned before, piriformis syndrome and a partially atrophied calf muscle (both post hip replacements) makes climbing a bit of a challenge.

Enter Shimano's Steps E8000 and climbing is made so much easier. By using the Trail mode and Boost mode on the climbs and the Eco mode or no assist on the flats and descents I can manage a range of 35 to 40. Not an exceptional range with the 418Wh battery but climbing does drain the battery.   I'm thinking of getting a 504Wh battery and bringing the smaller 418Wh battery as a backup on longer rides. I also carry the charger with me for peace of mind. Weight is not a problem with the assist but when the battery has no power left the trike can be a real bear to grind up hills. On longer rides I can ride to areas that tend to flatten out a bit and with two batteries on board I feel I can accomplish a range of 100 miles. I look forward to giving it a try someday.

I bought the ICE Sprint FS E8000 specifically for climbing. Being able to call upon the E8000 to get me over the hills takes away any climbing anxiety that in the past would have played a major roll in determining which routes or detours I would ride. Many are the hills I would not go down knowing I would have to climb them later. Not anymore.

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