Sunday, June 17, 2012

How I Ride

I've been riding recumbent trikes since July of 2009, I've definitely settled into the type of riding I like. Being new to recumbents in 2009 ago and not having cycled for some years before that I really wasn't sure what kind of riding I would enjoy. The qualities that I've enjoyed about hiking for so many years seem to be the same that I enjoy when riding my trikes.

First and foremost I like to go at an easy (not necessarily slow) pace and be free to make changes at the last minute. I like to stop and "smell the roses" and I don't like time constraints which means I usually ride alone.

I consider myself a tourist when I ride, looking around and taking an occasional picture. Although I have transgressed a few times and opted for speed as when I ride my 700. For the most part I have settled into a comfortable rhythm riding my Expedition loaded down with creature comforts and usually towing my K9 buddy, Betzi.

I have no problem riding on the roads, 90% of my riding is on roads, but I will always opt for a bike path when available. Even a crowded MUP (multi-use path) is better then a busy highway.

The only goal I set for myself is to experience people and places and pass those experiences onto my kids and anyone else who chooses to listen...therefore I Blog. 


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  1. Awesome, glad you have figured out what works best for you. Love that you share it with your family! Having fun at your own pace, perfect!