Thursday, June 28, 2012

Betzi Has a Good Run

Byron and I decided to take Betzi down to the local elementary school that's out for summer vacation and let Betzi have a good run. I hooked up Betzi's trailer to Byron's ride of choice for the day. He'll take his Catrike 700 next time because the ride up our hill is tough on a traditional bike...he walked it up. The hill we live on is the steepest one in our city of Agoura Hills. A helmet.. recently died while going 80mph down our hill on two wheeled scooter type thing. I'm guilty of going over 50mph. Coming back up is a sub 3mph grind that I take three times a week.

Headed on down.
Don't worry, that's not Betzi's tail sticking out. I though a fake tail sticking out might be another way to get attention while riding laid back a few inches off the pavement.

 That's my boy charged with the burden of towing 90lbs of dog and trailer.


 Once the ole girl gets going she runs beside me...she's fast!

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