Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Folding Bike

I just picked up a Dahon folder that I found on Craigslist. Why would a committed recumbent triker buy a a two wheeled upright folder?

1. It's easy to throw in or on top of the car for family vacations where it would be nice to take some short rides.
2. It's not just for me, it can adjust for anyone in the family.
3. Leili grew up fast and doesn't have her Dash Catrike anymore so the folder can be her ride on family rides.
4. Super easy to fold and unfold.

I took it on a little ride and it handles good a feels smooth. Riding it also reminded me why I ride a recumbent. It's going to be a fun bike to have around, especially at the beach. It won't be seeing a lot of mileage, at least with me on it, but it has a!

Link to Dahon


  1. That's cool Mark. I have been wanting a folder for all the reasons you mentioned. I like the Bromptons.

    1. The Brompton seems like a really good folder. If I planned on during some serious riding on a folder I would have popped on a one.

  2. You can add a Cruzbike conversion and turn it into a foldable recumbent. It makes it not so useful for other people, but those who are used to recumbents won't take much time to be up and riding.