Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bash Guards

I've been running a mountain bike crankset on my Expedition  for over a  year now (New Crankset ) with good results. For awhile now I've been trying to find a bash guard for both the outer and inner chain rings. It turned out to be a little harder then I thought to find good bash guards in a size that would fit the MTB crankset. I needed an outer guard to accommodate a 44t-104 BCD chain ring and a 64 BCD guard for an inner chain ring. Two goals in save my leg from being attacked by the exposed chain rings and save me from dropping a chain on a sloppy shift.

Finally after some searching I found BBG Bash Guards. They have a good assortment of quality MTB aluminium guards and I found what I wanted at a good price..

BBG bash guards. They come without the longer bolts and spacers which have to be ordered somewhere else. I happened to have some on an unused crank set hanging in my garage. A local bike shop will probably have the right hardware.



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