Sunday, July 8, 2012

Market Run

Every now and then I like to leave the ole fossil fuel burner at home and take a run to the grocery market on my trike. I ain't going to save the world but at least I can spew a little less toxins in the air by riding my trike on an errand. I managed to turn what should be a 15 mile round trip ride to the market and back into a nice 20 miler. Where I live there is always some climbing to do. I ended up with a little over 1,200 feet of elevation gain.  I did manage to get a few miles of peaceful level riding around the lake in Westlake Village.

I would also like to take a moment to apologize to a few of the Lance wannabes for embarrassing you on the flats around the lake. I didn't realize that you were trying so hard to pass me, I would have so slowed down sooner if I had known. To the couple of you I passed...I just wanted to get home for lunch. Even loaded down with groceries and the burden of age it's easy for me to forget how much faster I can ride without my dog and trailer in tow.

Sunday morning is a nice time to ride...little traffic.

 Loaded up with groceries and making a pit stop at a local park.

Taking a long cut on a quiet rode.

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