Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lifeproof iPhone Case

Time to replace the Biologic iPhone case that I've been using on my trike with a Lifeproof case and mount. The Biologic case is designed to be used on a bicycle (or trike) and not as a basic iPhone case that be carried around. When going for a ride, which is about three times a week, I had to take the cover off my phone so it would fit in the Biologic case. Sometimes I just left the cover off after riding which may have contributed to me breaking my iPhone two times. The last time the ole iPhone was beyond repair (even though I tried). In addition the bike mount on the Biologic is poor to say the least.

Enter the Lifeproof case, it stays on the phone and the bike mount is solid. The phone simply snaps into the mount and then locks in place. It's a solid case as well and water proof. It even comes with a water tight headphone adapter. 

I tried it out today on an early morning ride (hot again so I hit the road at 7am). The mount and the phone were totally secure. Initial impression is that the Lifeproof case is a good  investment. I depend on my iPhone for GPS, staying in touch and of course I have to ride with a few tunes. 

iPhone mounted and ready.

Mount minus the phone.

The phone with the detachable headphone adapter.

Close view of the headphone adapter. The cylinder on the top of the line holds the small plug that is used to seal the phone when the headphone adapter is not being used. 

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