Friday, August 10, 2012

Screw the Heat Gotta Ride

I rolled out of the garage at 7:00am and spent the next two and half hours riding with the heat of the day trying to catch up to me...I won. Betzi and I were back in the garage by 9:30am and the temperature was still comfortable at 83 degrees.  

The last time I cruised the streets on my trusty Catrike was last Friday. I've been waiting out the oppressive heat since I returned from a short family vacation on Tuesday. A week is long enough to go without riding, I start getting in a bad mood. Cycling on three wheels is what keeps me alive both figuratively and literally speaking. Positive thinking, a beautiful wife and kids, good diet and cycling is what stands between me and the drugs that the doctors try to throw at me since my heart attack last year.

Temperature at 2pm today

The heat was showing no signs of easing up so last night I checked the tires on my ride, hitched up Betzi's trailer and got everything ready for an early start this morning. I got out early and beat the heat, I feel human again. I'm looking forward to going out tonight for a cold local brew.


The happy triker's early morning shadow

Ma happy doggie

A stop at the park so Betzi can sniff out the calling card of other K9's

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