Friday, August 3, 2012

Spot Tracker

My beautiful wife Carrie worries about me when I don't return on time. For those who know me know I've given her reason to worry. So I started using my Spot satellite tracker for every ride I take on the Expedition. She can track me on my Spot shared page. I start a new track each time I ride the Expedition. The line between automatic check points is straight and it doesn't show my exact route. At least it shows I'm moving and that's all Carrie wants to know. It gives me peace of mind as well, I don't have to worry about her worrying about me.

Link to my Spot Shared Page
Catrike Expedition rides only
Picture from my ride today. This short MUP is a nice break from the street traffic.
UPDATE March 2013
I upgraded to the next generation SPOT. It's a smaller unit with additional message modes. I like the protective covers over the SOS and Help buttons. After using it for awhile I can definitely say that tracking is more reliable. 

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