Monday, September 24, 2012

700 Not for Sale

Updated 9/24/12

Awhile back I decided to sell my 700...well kinda. Now I've decided that I just can't let it go. Even though I cruise on my Catrike Expedition most of the time, the few times I do ride the 700 makes it worth keeping around. I may ride it only once a month but when I do it's such a blast going down the local hills at 50 plus mph that it helps to keep me young. I must admit I get a kick out of passing some of the spandex clad Lance wannabes on the flats and always on the downhill stretches. Then there are some riders who pass me on the flats that are so out of breath that they can barely manage a "how do you do". Then I'm stuck looking at their ass as they slow down to get their breath. General rule of thumb when I'm riding my 700 is, not including hill climbs, for every rider that passes me I pass one.
It's all good fun so I'll keep the 700 for those occasional times when I need a little downhill adrenaline fix. 

NOT For Sale
(but I'll keep the pictures here)

Catrike 700

Looking good!

The accessory bar on the boom mast has been removed.  This trike is for speed, not accessorizing.  My DiNotte light  was easily installed on the mast. I think it looks better as well. Front derailleur is a Shimano Ultegra.

The 52/39/30 FSA SL-K carbon is light and looks soooo good. 

Black spokes and red nipples. 

Smooth shifting. Sram XX

Avid BB7 brakes
The cassette is a super light Sram X Glide 10 speed. Seven of the cogs are CNC-machined together out of a single block of billet steel, creating an incredibly lightweight, precise, and strong cassette

Avid Speed Dial brake levers.
As you can see I have the new generation Catrike seat on the 700 (New Catrike Seats)

The top chain tube has been removed for aesthetics, weight and ease of repairing a chain on the road. I put a  heavy duty vinyl patch on the frame to protect it from chain slap. The chain never touches the frame when it is under tension.

Video on Bent Rider Online The video shows a compact double and Sram front derailleur, I exchanged it for a triple and a Shimano Ultegra front derailleur.


  1. Wow, Mark. She's a beauty. If wishes were horses, as they say. When we have a few bike/trikes in the stable, it sometimes happens that some get neglected. I have four pedal-powered vehicles, but they a pretty different. My commuter mtb is the one, during the semester, that gets the most frequent use--but not the most miles. Once a week, I do the mega-commute to my job. This 45 mile run is a blast, and i alternate between my Lightning and my Haluzak. On weekends, usually when I ride with my wife, its the Expedition that sees me out---or when I'm taking Django. I find the variety fun. Do you find that, overall, your experience isn't that different on the Expedition vs. the 700? In other words, if you stripped down the Expedition a bit, would your performance be pretty similar?

    Anyway, best of luck on the sale. Posted on BROL?

    1. Hey Scott, With some component changes the Expedition could probably come close to the experience offered by the 700. On a subjective level I've found the performance of the 700 unique and great fun to ride. In the end the Expedition is the best all around ride for me and my dog.