Monday, November 12, 2012

Looking for Speed

While cruising around on the flats yesterday on my 700 I passed a street that looked to good to pass up for a self imposed speed challenge.

I put'er in low gear and started climbing. The street started to get a bit curvy as I got close to top and figured I wouldn't get much more speed on the downhill while negotiating the curves so I stopped a little short of the top. I did a U and started cranking downhill quickly spinning through all my gears until gravity took over and pulled me down to the bottom of the hill. All too soon I ran out of hill and the intersection was fast approaching and I shut the speed run down. I NEED A LONGER HILL.  The grade was good ( my rear tire occasionally losing traction going up) but it just wasn't long enough to break 60mph. I'm still stuck at 59mph as my fastest speed. It was a short sweet ride that maxed out at 45mph and once again proved how rock solid the 700 is at speed.

1 comment:

  1. Hey, Mark: Speed demon, eh? I've only broken the 60 mph barrier once: Jodi and I (no doggie) dropping into Truckee from Brockway Summit on our Greenspeed tandem. I knew we were going fast, but it didn't feel extreme--until Jodi yelled out the results!

    Keep on trikin'.