Wednesday, November 21, 2012

MUPing It in Ojai

I decided to change things up a little today. I loaded up my Ford Escape and took a 45 minute drive to Ventura to cruise the Ventura River Trail (VRT) and the Ojai Valley Trail (OVT). The two trails make up a continuous MUP (multi-use path) up into Ojai. The two trails contrast each other dramatically.

Loaded and ready to go.

 Unloaded in Ventura and ready to ride.

The views along the VRT reflects the industrial nature of the area with a long history in oil. This is a clean, well used trail. It's unique in it's post apocalyptic feel along many it's sections. It's only five miles long starting close to the beach before becoming the OVT. Bring a camera for some interesting pics.

Leaving the VRT and entering the OVT for the ride into Ojai.
Entering Foster Park which marks the transition from the VRT to the OVT.

Libbey Park In the town of Ojai. 

Stop at Libbey Park for a picnic before heading back.
 Post apocalypse...not, just a last pic from the VRT on my way back.

 That's all folks!


  1. Nice ride and pics Mark! Great job. I also like the map feature at the end of your post.

  2. Such a great trail! Brings back many good memories, especially the conclusion to my cross country ride.