Friday, December 13, 2013

Get It Done

The hardest part of recovering from the replacement of my right hip is waiting for my other hip to be replaced. I just want to get it done so I can put the whole double hip replacement process behind me and kick recovery into high gear. Right now I'm in purgatory trying my best to stay active and get strong knowing that on December 23rd I get to go through the whole hip replacement process again on the left hip. But then it will be DONE and then I can put all my effort into getting strong. This in between surgeries is taking it's mental toll.

Game plan....hang tight until December 23rd, let Dr Yun have is way with me and from there on all the pain of recovery will be headed in a positive direction.  "Good pain". When the last hip is replaced the ice packs and the stiffness and pain after each ride will be acceptable. I'm giving myself six months from December 23rd to feel strong and to once again stroke my (soon to be) sixty year old ego passing the properly contoured Lance wannabes on my Catrike 700. I can feel their youthful energy now as I pass them on my tricycle and they tuck down a little lower and shift gears. It's petty but I still get a kick out of it. I also look forward to towing my ole girl Betzi around town on my Expedition.

Oh the triken life is right around the corner. I must master the art of patience and good things will unfold.

I'm done venting, time to stop complaining and ride on!


  1. It's like having a Maseratti in the driveway and all you can do is sit in the seat and listen to the dang radio. Hope the time passes quickly and you are back in the saddle again.