Friday, May 17, 2013

HWY 1 Chip Seal Update

Update on the chip seal fiasco on Highway 1 along the Central Coast (my April 6th post regarding the chip seal).

From the geniuses at Caltrans:
TEST ROLLING UPDATE: Caltrans and the University of California, Davis have suspended test rolling on a 1,000-foot shoulder section of Highway 1 just north of Cambria. The level of smoothing Caltrans had hoped for was not achieved and it is not cost effective to continue with the test rolling. Next, the research partnership will apply test treatments to a section of State Route 198 in Monterey County which underwent the same chip seal resurfacing last year.  This effort will include bicyclists from San Luis Obispo County who will help provide input after riding on roadway test sections.  It is our hope that results from this effort will be used to improve bicycle ride conditions on Highway 1 and the Caltrans chip seal program statewide. 

Here's more from the local newspaper The Cambrian May 8th. If you plan on riding this section of the coast any time soon make sure your dentures are glued in tight.

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