Sunday, May 19, 2013

Final Impression Catrike 700/20

I take back what I said in an earlier post in April (New vs Old 700). The more I ride the new 700 (350 miles to be exact) the more I love this thing. Everything about it feels so right. Every ride is a joy. It's a firm ride like the old 700 and not for everyone but the mesh seat takes up just enough of the shock without robbing power output or taking away that sports car feeling. As with all the Catrikes the direct steering can be hard to get use to if your a white knuckled rider. I personally find feeling the road through the direct steering a big advantage over indirect steering...the feel of a Ferrari vs a Cadillac, you choose.
I've become very fond of the new ergonomics of the seating position as well as the extra ground clearance. I'm finding that the extra clearance has not affected the renowned  handling of the 700 line. Unlike the old 700 the new 700 broadcasts when it's reaching it's limit and the inboard wheel is getting ready to come off the ground on a fast tight turn and it's more forgiving when you reach that point.
In my humble opinion this machine is the gold standard for performance trikes.
The 700/20 is an awesome ride!!

Pic from my ride today
Loving the ride!!!

My post Catrike 700/20 First Impression from February 2013

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