Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Focusing on the Future

Focus on the future and let the present take it's course.

Before taking the final steps to having my old hips replaced with shiny new titanium ones I adopted a mindset that I would not dwell on what I was missing over the next three months while undergoing two hip replacement surgeries and the ensuing recovery period. Instead I would look to the future and the promise of adventures to come. Adventures and rides I was reluctant to commit to because of lousy hips that previous surgeries never quite resolved.

Now as I sit here dealing with the pain of recovery and boredom of inactivity I remind myself of my commitment to the process of healing and immediately start pondering rides for next year on bionic hips.

I'm walking at least a quarter mile every day. In a few days I should be able to hop on my Catrike 700 with the CycleOps hooked up and start some real pedaling. As soon as the right hip is working well then I get started all over again with the replacement of the left hip. Oh well...just get it done.

For now I have a new Adventure Cycling Magazine to read.

First rainy day of the season. Resting my hip by the fire while checking the latest Adventure Cycling Magazine.

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  1. Hey, Mark: Heal quickly and well. The miles are calling your name.....