Thursday, October 3, 2013

One Hip Down - One To Go

Right Hip Replacement (anterior method) 9/30/13 Doctor Andrew Yun, Saint Johns Hospital.
Recovering fast from hip replacement. No muscles or tenons are severed with the anterior method. No hip dislocation concerns after surgery  As soon as I'm ready to start riding again I'll have the other replaced...oh fun!! I had surgery on Monday and left the hospital Wednesday morning. As promised by Dr. Yun I left the hospital on a cane (actually it was a trekking pole that I use for hiking). 
Currently  20% of those doctors performing hip replacement use the anterior method. It involves a sizable equipment investment by the hospital and there is a learning curve for doctors. Dr. Yun has long ago passed the learning curve and is now performing the second largest number of hip replacements in the country. Patients fly in from around the country to have Dr. Yun install new hips. 

Goofing after surgery.

While my son Byron is in high school Leili and Carrie entertain me. My dancing girl Leili is home schooled so she was able to hang with me. 

Hamish a volunteer Border Collie came to visit. Dog lovers will understand how Hamish's visit made my day. Now I miss ma doggie Betzi.

Leili's artistic take on the pain symbols.

Day after surgery. Later the same day I started using my trekking pole and spent some time walking without the  "granny" walker or a trekking pole.

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