Sunday, March 9, 2014

Strength is Coming Back

My ride today was 20.1 miles, 1,230 foot gain, top speed 45.8 mph and an average speed of 14.4 mph. It's not much but for me it's my longest ride since I started the double hip replacement process back in late September 2013. It's been eleven weeks since the replacement of my last hip and my strength is coming back faster then expected. I still take it easy on the climbs, grinding up hills puts the most stress on my new titanium hips. I'm back to getting cheap thrills passing DF's on the flats and flying past them on the downhill runs. At 60 years old I'll get my thrills anyway I can.

Ibuprofen time!!

My Catrike 700 has made my hip recovery process easy.
I love this thing.

By the end of this month I'll be comfortable putting an extra load
on my hips and I'll start taking Betzi on rides with my Expedition.


  1. Mark, How did you get your dog to be confortable in the trailer? I have a small standard Poodle who dearly wants to go with me but is VERY apprehensive about staying in the trailer. Thanks for suggestions.

    1. Hey jacigh,
      You might not have seen my earlier reply to you from my Feb 17th post. So I'll copy here.
      It was easy. I crate trained her as pup so she hopped right in and she never tried to get out. Now she wants to get into the trailer before I'm ready to leave. As for the actual ride she was a little unsure as first. I took her in the trailer down to the local school parking lot on a Sunday afternoon and did laps around the lot until she settled in. Probably with a little time and perseverance your guy will settle in as well and come to love his rides as much as my Betzi does.