Monday, March 31, 2014

The Miles Are Coming Back...Slowly

A lot of short but sweet rides so far this year. The new hips feel good with short minimal elevation gain rides. All but one of the rides this year are on the 700. The short ride I took with Betzi convinced me that I shouldn't push to hard. I'm going to keep riding the 700 another month or two before hooking Betzi's trailer up to the Expedition. The short rides (one in particular, a 12.2 mile with a 577 feet of gain) allow me to ride a little faster, a little harder and with a respectable  miles per hour average with minimum stress on the hips. 

The Catrike 700 is a pure joy to ride. It's fast and light (for a trike) and still brings on the endorphin rush even though I've had to back off during hip recovery. I take the steeper hill climbs slow and easy and say a friendly "how do you do" as riders pass me only to give a wave as I pass some of them on the flats or scream past them on a nice downhill. It's all in good fun and with many of the riders I come in contact with I have chance to have a fun but short conversation. 


  1. Nice job Mark! Glad to see the recovery has gone well.

    4" of snow here in Ohio over the weekend. But today it is 54 F and sunny so maybe I'll have a chance soon to get out on my bent for the first time this year. Still I'm getting in 2-3 days per week commute on my upright. My round trip is only 4 miles so it's not too bad even in single digit temps but I'm ready for warm days for sure.

    1. Sunny California is hard to beat when it comes to cycling.