Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Day Touring

It's been my desire for some time now to do a bit of touring on the ole trike. BUT...the one thing that is holding me back is I love hanging with family. Over the last few years I've made it a point that any vacations we take include throwing my trike on top of the car (or in the car) so I can take a ride during the day. When I'm done riding I'm back with my favorite people.  

I've come to recognize that I get the best of both worlds by being able to ride new roads and trails and at the end of day be with my wife and kids while on vacation. Now with Byron living away and attending college and Leili studying ballet with various ballet companies it's pretty much down to taking trips with my best bud, my wife Carrie.

As I dive deeper into retirement I'm starting to plan more "Day Tripping" vacations. A "Day Trip" vacation is simply driving to places that I want to explore on my trike and is also fun for Carrie (who prefers to explore on two feet). And maybe an occasional meet up with one or both of the kids.

Light duty to heavy duty in under 7 minutes and back again in less then 5 minutes.


Sept. 2012
Riding the Central Coast on my old Expedition. A perfect day of riding that ends with a perfect day of swimming with the kids and shared beers with Carrie.

Sept. 2012
The old Expedition loaded on the car and ready to take off.

April 2013
Making good use of the 700 when the ride is over for the day.

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