Thursday, June 18, 2015


Two things are certain for me (other then death and taxes), I will wake up sore and stiff every morning and my bulbous nose will begin to fry within minutes without sunscreen. I am cursed, like so many others of European ancestry, with white skin that does not like being in the sun. Non-the-less I like being in the sun and therefore I must rely on a good sunscreen that will protect my poor fragile epidermis without killing me with toxic ingredients.

I have used many sunscreens over the years in an effort not to be lectured by my skin doctor on the dangers of being in the sun unprotected. For many years now I have used products with Zinc Oxide. Todays non-nano Zinc Oxide goes on thick but rubs in well with minimal "whiteface".

Of all the Zinc Oxide based sunscreens, I've found Badger sunscreens the easiest to use and most effective and it's safe. They're line up of sunscreens don't clump with age.

I use the Skin Deep APP for  ratings on product safety.

One final note. When using Zinc Oxide sunscreens I find buzzing or shaving wherever sunscreen is applied sure makes blending the white goo in easier. When riding an average of, at least, three times a week applying sunscreen can become a bit tedious, so shave them legs, arms and whatever else you like to expose.

Forget the tan, a little "whiteface" is the true sign of an real outdoors person...right???

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