Thursday, July 16, 2015

10 Reasons a Recumbent is Best Choice

I've added a new permanent link on the right bar of my blog. It's an article by Euan McKenzie at and is titled "10 Reasons A Recumbent Road Bike is the Best Choice". It's a fun read. is a general information bicycle website and is not to be confused with ICE Trikes.

Click here for "10 Reasons a Recumbent Road Bike is the Best Choice"


  1. Great article. Horribly edited. I make mistakes for sure, but send that dude back to proofreading school!

  2. Just want to say thanks a lot for adding the link to your blog.

    Happy ridding,
    Mads Phikamphon

  3. Hi Mark,

    Im enjoying your blog and wanted to ask you a few questions regarding your 700 trike.
    I currently own a Scorpion and might be buying a 700 in the next few weeks. Could you please reach out to me with your email address or phone # and I can contact you with my specific questions.

    thanks Charlie
    cmatlin at gee mail dot com

    1. Feel free to ask any question right here.