Monday, July 27, 2015

Schwalbe One 28/622 - Followup

Here's a followup form my May 24th post Schwalbe One 28/622 tire.

I have over four hundred miles on the Schwalbe One 28/622. It replaced a Schwalbe Ultremo ZX 23/622. I won't be going back to a 23/622 tire. The One has proven to be just as fast as the Ulremo (maybe even a touch faster) and noticeably more comfortable. The 28/622 One is rated at 85 to 115 psi. The old 23/622 Ultremo is rated at 85 to 145 psi. Just as I did with the Ultremo I inflate the One to 110 psi. The 28/622 has taken the edge off of rough roads. It's still a hard ride but the difference is like being hit with a hard rubber hammer versus a solid steel hammer when taking a rut in the road. 

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