Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Lazer Blade Helmet

Finally a helmet with all the characteristics of a quality road helmet that a bent rider can wear without having to compromise.

The new Lazer Blade helmet has replaced my old Lazer Helium helmet. I like the Lazer helmets for two main reasons; 
1. Their Rollsys retention system adjusts the helmet from a turn knob on top of the helmet. This eliminates the rear adjustment system that most helmet makers favor. The Rollsys system adjusts a strap that encircles the entire head creating a secure fit that molds to your head. Most other helmets simply push  your head into the front of the helmet with it's rear only adjustment. Once you've tried the Rollsys system you will be spoiled. 
2.  By doing away with the rear adjustment knob found on most helmets, the Lazer helmets leave plenty of neck exposed so you can rest your head comfortably on a neck rest. Or have room for a pony tail.

I changed over to the Lazer Blade because it does away with the points at the rear of the helmet. When riding laid back on the 700 the points on the Lazer Helium would occasionally make slight contact with my rear tire. When using a rear rack it gets even trickier trying to adjust the rack so the rear of the helmet doesn't hit against the rack.

The best part...the new Lazer Blade suggested retail price is a reasonable $99. The large size fits my generously sized 60cm head with a cycling cap underneath. It helps that I keep my hair buzzed. 

In my opinion (having gone through many helmets over the years) the Lazer Blade is a winner for bent riders. 

Lazer Helium (left) and the new Lazer Blade (right).

 Rear of both helmets are free of rear retention adjustment knobs.

Rollsys adjustment knob on top of the helmet.

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  1. Thanks for the tip Mark. It looks like a nice helmet. Since I installed a headrest on my bike I'm not crazy at all about the way my standard Bell interacts with the rest. I think eventually I'll look into a lazer.