Sunday, September 18, 2016

ICE at Bent Up Cycles

Email from Bent Up Cycles

ICE will be here on Sept 17.

The owners of ICE (Inspired Cycle Engineering) are visiting from Cornwall. We will be hosting a meet-and-greet this Saturday morning, September 17, at 10am. The crew will be delighted to answer any questions you may have, talk to you about their amazing trikes and show you some of their offerings. This is a rare opportunity to get an inside look at ICE. Come on over and hang out!
When I received the above email I decided to head down to North Hollywood to check out the ICE Suspended Sprint and ICE VTX. I need something that will handle the rougher and faster roads of the Central Coast. I'm not so concerned about the rough ride as I am with the steering taking on a life of it's own when riding at speed on rougher roads. I'm looking at indirect steering and suspension as a way of maintaining a better since of steering control. With the feedback of other trikers and now after meeting and talking to Neal with ICE trikes I'm closer to making a decision about a new trike.
All things considered I still want the speed of a fast trike so the jury is still out on suspension vs no suspension. As for the ICE VTX he chromoly front end of the VTX is considered to me more complaint then an all aluminum frame.  And with a seat that forms to the body it makes sense that the VTX should be more comfortable then my 700. But more important is having total confidence in my steering when bombing down a hill approaching 50mph. Indirect steering seems to be the way to go. 
For now I'm seriously considering a VTX. The VTX seems to be the right trike to handle the road conditions I'm dealing with now with no compromise in speed. But the Sprint would also handle the road conditions and soften the ride a bit. It would be interesting to try and set it up with as little loss in speed as possible. Plus it folds and it would leave the option open to tour a little bit around the Central Coast.

VTX or Sprint? Oh well, I got to think this one out for a while.

Feels good!

Bent Up Cycles showroom 

Fellow bent rider Roger checks out the VTX

Neal (on the right) with ICE trikes discusses the VTX with Roger

Carrie checking out the fat.

Leaving Bent Up Cycles with much to think about.

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