Sunday, September 11, 2016

Paso Robles and Wine Country

After living for 4 months on the Central Coast I finally gave Hwy 46 a try. Short fast and sweet describes my ride to Paso Robles from the top of Hwy 46. I didn't want to make the 1,700 foot climb from the coast to the top of the Hwy. I was looking for speed and a relaxing ride not sweat. There was still plenty of climbing to do but nothing like the unrelenting climb from the coast to the top of the grade. 

I was a bit disappointed with my top speed of 46mph. I was hoping for more. Maybe it's time to ditch the air catching riding shorts and break out the Lycra for those rides that promise fast downhill runs. Next on my to do list is the ride from the top of Hwy 46 down to Hwy 1 on the coast. I anticipate getting to at least 55mph and possibly break 60 on this steeper section of the 46 that offers long downhill sections to build up speed.

Unloading 1/2 mile before the top of Hwy 46

Quick ride up to the top of Hwy 46. Just enough to warm up the legs before heading down the other side.

Ready to head down. A bit of ocean fog passing over the top of Hwy 46

Grapes and more grapes

An estate overlooking the vines

Cruising along Hwy 46

Another vineyard

Gates to vineyards everywhere

In Paso Robles with Carrie. After lunch we'll heading back over the grade to Cambria and home.

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