Saturday, January 13, 2018

Keeping It Real

If an old falling apart guy like me can stay fit and enjoy life then just about anyone can do it. I'm 64 and I have no plans to watch life from the sideline. I'm not one of those fortunate few who has been genetically engineered by nature to stay fit without trying. I have to work hard at it. I've worked out in enough rusty old gyms to know you don't need fancy equipment and name brand sweats. Now I spend my workout days in my garage which passes for a gym and it's all I need along with a little classical rock. Working out and cycling not only makes me feel alive it also helps tremendously with the muscle pain in my hip area and a atrophied right medial gastrocnemius calf muscle (that's a mouthful to say) all thanks to my hip replacements. 

I don't mind growing old. I've got a beautiful wife (who I met in a gym), five kids and nine grandkids that make me feel young. 


  1. Yep. My workout is going to be in our central room. A little weight bench, a couple of dumbbells, pull-up bar in the doorway, I'm good. Just got back from a two hour walk with the new hound.