Saturday, October 29, 2011

Scott Wayland and the Winky-Eyed Jesus

"..."Looked she cried "When you tilt the pitcher, the eyes open 'n' close!" Back and forth , Alice wiggled the Son of God who winked and winked and winked...
   I felt like I was spinning, losing it, a lost character who'd stumbled into a David Lynch movie. I had to ride it out, stay open, let the narrative unfold."
                                                                       From the "Winky-Eyed Jesus and other Undescribales" by Scott Wayland,  

Scott Wayland aka the "elite, feral recumbent cyclo-tourist" dropped in at Bent Up Cycles today to share  stories from his new book The Winky-Eyed Jesus and Other Undescribales. The book chronicles his 2007 journey across our great country. It's a fun read written from a human perspective. By the time you get to the last few chapters you feel like Scott's an old friend. 

Scott telling his story to a group of enthusiastic recumbent groupies. 

Scott reads "The Winky-Eyed Jesus" excerpt from his book. Funny stuff!!
Trike Squadron leader Glenn Frank joined the recumbent groupies at Bent Up Cycles in No. Hollywood, CA to meet Scott. He is busy pulling out some $'s to buy Dana's latest Bent Up Cycles signature jersey. Bent Up Cycles New Signature Jersey

Before our elite, feral recumbent cyclo-tourist heads off into the sunset he demonstrates his homemade Pepsi can alcohol stove.

Close up this cool little homemade low cost alcohol stove.
Many videos on YouTube demonstrate how to make a this little gem.

Time to finish the last few chapters.

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