Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Not a Perfect Ride but Still Good

Last Sunday I took my Catrike 700 on my usual 40 mile weekend ride. It's a nice ride with a 2,600 foot gain. The last time I left my Catrike Expedition and my dog Betzi at home in favor of a ride on my 700 was three weeks ago. Unlike when I ride my Expedition, on the 700 I push myself and I wanted to get on the rode. Within the first mile I realized that the new rear derailleur cable I installed a few weeks ago had stretched just enough that I didn't have my low gear and on top of that my chain wasn't making it down to the high gear on the rear cassette (nice going dufus always adjust your derailleur shortly after installing a new cable). I pulled over and took a look at the situation and decided to ride on thinking I'd take a break later and make some adjustments (never did).

I was cruising along nicely with the gears I did have and started my first real downhill of the day. I screamed past a spandex clad youngster at 50 miles hour. Dang it I can usually do 55+ mph on this hill, now I miss my high gear...you lazy bum you didn't want to take the time to adjust the rear derailleur.

Next I started a steep climb but I was still fresh and didn't miss my low gear...to much. The climb was followed my another good downhill run. I make these climbs so I can get an adrenaline rush going down but again not having my high gear kept my speed a little lower...you lazy bum you didn't want to take the time to adjust the rear derailleur. As a punishment for being lazy the water bottle I keep behind me popped out of it's water cage towards the end of the downhill and I didn't notice it was missing until about a half mile later (that's what that sound was). It was starting to warm up and I needed that water bottle. I took a short ride uphill to retrieve my precious bottle of H2O only to find that it had sprung a leak but was salvageable.

It's now a good two hours into my ride and it's time for a short break. I check for my power bars and they're not there. Oh...that's right I left them in my Expedition. No problem I'm close to a local bike shop and I'll stop in, say hey, and  buy something to snack on. They're still closed and won't be open for another 15 minutes. I decided to wait because experience has taught me that if I don't eat and drink in a certain manner I tend to cramp up...and that's not fun.

After downing two very dry energy bars I continued on my ride. The weather was warmer then I anticipated and I was not prepared with the proper nutrition to keep my 57 old furnace functioning at maximum level and sure enough in the last couple of miles I felt the ole quads trying to cramp. I eased up my pace and all was well.

The last one third of a mile is a steep, very steep grind up to my home. Without the aid of my lowest gear I didn't want to take a chance grunting my way up the hill only to get cramped up...you lazy bum you didn't want to take the time to adjust the rear derailleur. I called Carrie and she bailed me out with a short ride home.

It wasn't a perfect ride but it is still great to ride. 

When I ride my Expedition (usually with Betzi in tow) I ride relaxed and just watch the world go by and wave to folks. When I put my butt in my 700 I want to ride as hard as my repaired and aging body will let me. The only time I stop pedaling is when I can't keep up with the downhill speed of my trike or I'm taking a break. I get cheap thrills out of passing or at least staying ahead of capable looking riders. I'm 57 years old, take it easy old boy...when I ride the 700 I can't.

PS; Sorry no pictures I forgot my camera. Oh well.

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