Monday, October 10, 2011

iPhone GPS Update #2

I think that I have the iPhone set up the way I want it. In addition I now have speakers (Biologic Speakers) so I can listen to some tunes...classic hard rock for climbing and music that's easy on the ears for cruising. 
I took off the RAM mount (iPhone GPS) and put on a Biologic (Biologic iPhone Mountwater proof and shock mount and case. A bit of an investment but I feel that it should be worth it. After all, this whole tech exercise is to prepare for touring. The Motion X GPS (iPhone GPS) has not let me down and it's nice to have a little music on board. With the external speakers, as compared to headphones or earphones, I can still hear the traffic coming up from behind.

Picture of my iPhone in the Biologic case. On the cross member is  the Biologic speaker with an  6 foot earphone extension. The speaker sits below the red steering rod on my Catrike Expedition.  
Brunton Inspire power pack (iPhone GPS) connected to my iPhone with a six foot power cord extension. When riding it's tucked away in the Catrike side bag.

Another look.

My decision to use the the iPhone and the Motion X app for GPS is based on some poor reviews of the newer model Garmins especially the Garmin 800. Why spend the bucks? If the Motion X app fails me on a tour I'm out $3.99 for the app (assuming an app and not a iPhone fail) but I will still have a phone, music and good ole paper maps which I have not forgotten how to read. In addition it's one less device that I have to carry around.

The details:
-Brunton Inspire power pack
-6 foot power cord connecting the power pack to my iPhone
-Biologic Bike Mount for iPhone 4 to protect my iPhone from water and some vibration
-Biologic Cycle Tunes Speakers (replaced with Logitech Speakers 3/26/12  New Speakers)
-Large O Ring from DiNotte Lighting to secure the  speaker. The elastic band that is supplied with the speaker isn't large enough for where I put the speaker.
-6 foot earphone cord connecting the speakers to my iPhone.

Note: The RAM mount is a good mount but the iPhone is left at the mercy of the elements including spray from the front wheels when going through something as mundane as a puddle of water from over irrigated California lawns.

One More Note: I bought an extra Biologic mount (no case), power cord and earphone cord for my Catrike 700. The Biologic iPhone case, speaker and the Brunton power pack transfer easily between my two tirkes

Update 10/17/12 I've used this setup on three rides now and I'm very happy with it. It took a little while to get used to the nuances of using the iPhone for tracking and playing music at the same time. The speaker is a little weak but adequate. Also it's best not to change settings using the touch screen while bouncing around on a rough road. 

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