Thursday, January 5, 2012

Heart Attack - Bored and Drugged

Heart Attack - Original post from 12/28/11

It's hard to walk past my trikes in the garage. I'm mentally ready to hop on and take a ride but first things first. The insertion point for the angioplasty in the artery in my right leg needs to completely heal so I don't take a chance of popping open it open. I popped it open in the hospital shortly after surgery. Got to love those nurses...they wasted no time stopping the flow of blood under my skin that was inflating by groin.  In the end I was embarrassed that I didn't listen to their instructions about taking care of the ole artery and I was left with a bloody bruise.
Everyday I get to look at my trikes just sitting there waiting for me.

Also the stink'n drugs keep me light headed. Two of the meds are to keep my blood pressure low while healing. I can't wait to get off those things. My blood pressure is normally right on target. With the meds I have to stand up slow because there's not enough pressure to quickly move the blood into my head. Result...I get light headed without having to have a couple of beers. Yes...I still get to have a beer or two. I'm not dead yet just sidelined.

I see my cardiologist on the 11th. I plan on riding on the 12th.


  1. I can relate to being bored. I just want to move on with life, this recovery part is just not going as fast as I'd like. Ha! But my body is telling me what it can do and how much, I just have to listen! I had the same BP issues when I was in the hospital, dizzy and lightheaded, but have gotten that straightened out and now fine. It is hard to be patient, but alas the results will be better if we take care. :D Sending you my best! Cynthia

  2. Cynthia, You and I are one in the same, we just don't want to be kept down. We want to live life.