Monday, January 23, 2012

Rear Rack for the 700

The 700 looks really good when it's unencumbered with add on stuff...

but I needed a some storage for tools, first aid and a few odds and ends so I added the Catrike side bags...

and then came longer rides so I ended up taking the Expedition more often then the 700 so I could load it up with creature comforts like food, thermos of tea, winter outer gear, general stuff and Betzi in her trailer ...

then I started missing the speed and thrill of riding the 700 so I compromised on the 700's look and put a rear rack for those long rides. The pictures below show the end result.
I had an Old Man Mountain rear rack that I had laying around. It has a clean look so I used it. To secure it in place I bought a pair of 13" Old Man Mountain extender bars (Old Man Mountain extender). The dull gray bars looked lousy so I painted them black, red and white to match my rear American Classic rim.

It seems that the end result is a reasonable compromise of looks and practicality.  When I need the extra space I can throw on a small pannier.

Pannier Folded
Pannier unfolded and ready to pack

Now the only choice that I have to make is whether or not I take Betzi for a cruise with my Expedition or go solo for a fast ride on the 700. Either way I now have room for "stuff" on both of my chariots.

Note about the panniers:
The small silver panniers on the 700 are an older set made by Topeak. They're okay but I would not recommend them because the attachment mechanism is poor and I use some elastic bands from DiNotte lighting to secure them down. On the positive side they flatten up nicely when there is nothing in them.
The large red panniers on the Expedition are made by Ortlieb. They are simply big waterproof bags with a good attachment system. They work fine for loading up with groceries and other stuff.

DeNotte O-Rings securing the pannier from behind. The dirty thing on the left bottom is my rear wheel.

UPDATE 3/7/12:  I took off the rack Taking Weight Off the 700

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