Sunday, October 7, 2012

Byron a NPS Volunteer

Byron is now a National Park Service volunteer with me at Cheeseboro Canyon in the Santa Monica National Recreation Area. We'll be spending Saturday mornings together as the eyes and ears for the law enforcement rangers. The Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area is a vast 150,000 acres that is covered by a handful law enforcement rangers. Our volunteer presence on busy Saturday mornings at Cheeseboro canyon frees up the rangers to watch over other parts of the Recreation Area. We call them in for help when needed.

For the last 12 years most of my time, and now Byron's time, is spent answering park visitor questions and getting people out of trouble. Cheeseboro Canyon  is a very popular mountain biking area and has it's share of  cycling accidents. Usually all I see are bumps, bruises and trail rash but there are also the serious cycling accidents that may require an air rescue helicopter to extricate the unlucky cyclist. May their crushed helmets serve notice to other cyclists that helmets do save lives or at the very least prevent crippling brain injuries. 

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