Thursday, October 11, 2012

Riding the 700

Catrike 700
Since I decided not to sell the 700 I've been splitting my rides between the 700 and the Expedition. I look back and try to understand why I would even consider selling the 700. I think it comes down to when I had my heart attach ten months ago, I was riding the 700 and riding hard when it hit. The 700 became the enemy, it let me down. Other then one short ride thereafter I never really got "back on the horse".

I'm "back on the horse" and I feel no fear of being thrown. My unjustified fear was the enemy and not the 700. Both the 700 and Expedition are my allies. The fitness level I achieved before the heart attack, riding my trikes, played prominently in my speedy recovery. I was destined to have a heart attack, I unwittingly prepared for it my loosing weight  and making by body strong. 

I now take regular rides on the 700. I'm starting to challenge myself by riding more miles and increasing my average speed relative to the amount of climbing (gain). More on that as I set some goals for myself. In 14 months I'll turn 60 and I want to be the fastest kid on the block with his tricycle.

Catrike Expedition

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