Friday, October 26, 2012

Typical Ride With Betzi

Pics from my ride today with Betzi. This is typical of the rides I take with ma doggie.

Getting ready to head out. Betzi becomes my shadow as soon as she sees with my cycling duds on.

First stop to take off my outer shirt. 

It be windy this day.

Wind blown debris easily handled by Marathon Plus.

Taking Betzi out of the trailer for a walk in the park and to stiff a few trees.


Betzi is ready for another walk while I ride uphill in a quiet residential area.

Walk over and time for a water break before Betzi hops back into her trailer

Self portrait. 

Byron usually walks down our hill to meet us for the final 1/4 mile ride/walk home.

And that is how I roll with Betzi, two and sometimes three times a week. My rides with Betzi are between 12 to 20 miles with 1,090 feet of gain to 1,980 feet. Today's ride was 14 miles and a little under two and one half hours. The going is slow but fun with Betzi.

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