Saturday, January 12, 2013

Catrike 700 - 2013

As soon as I read on BROL about the new Catrike 700 with 20" front wheels I wasted no time giving Dana at Bent Up Cycles a call. Even though Catrike does not have a final speced out 700 - 2013 for sale they do have the frames. Dana ordered me a black frame set and custom 20" wheels. When the frame set arrives in a couple of weeks my old 700 will be striped and all the components on it will be put onto the reconfigured 700 frame. Stay tuned......

From Catrike:
-700: New frame. We fit this trike with 406 (20”) front wheels and Ultremo ZX tires. As an accomplishment in engineering, we rotated the rider’s body position around the center of gravity, thus achieving a more streamlined position, raising the seat, transferring weight to the rear of the trike, without in effect, affecting the center of gravity. We have dropped its bottom bracket just enough for perfect tuning of the cockpit and the balance between rider comfort, output and aerodynamics. Finally we have added 1" to its wheel base, to a total of 46" for an optimum weight distribution, front wheel clearances and impressive straight line stability. The result is a slightly more reclined and better aerodynamic position, a higher seat bottom and ground clearance to create an improved relationship between the chain line and its main frame, thus stiffening the whole frame during pedaling while still maintaining its impressive cornering ability, handling and steering forces during turn. On top of that, because we have our own CNC milling machine, we have designed and sculpted a new flanged drop out that is lighter, stiffer and just plain gorgeous that screams quality and design with a purpose. This trike is simply the most beautiful, refined and fastest Catrike we ever produced. We have coined the term of a low flying carpet for trikes and nothing is more truthful when you ride the new 700.

You are looking at the most streamlined, most laid back, longest, stiffest, leanest, meanest and yes fastest Catrike ever made, the 2013 700   

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